Affiliate program

RBFXpro company provides its customers with access to the Forex market and other financial instruments, while offering the best trading conditions. The company is in a constant state of development and therefore we are interested in the appearance of new partners.

Affiliate Program Benefits RBFXpro

  • Partner registration procedure - simple and fast. Our partner can be as an individual, under 18 years of age, and any legal entity. Partner must conclude now RBFXpro Partnership Agreement.
  • Our partners are paid on a regular basis, legally and completely without risk.
  • You do not need special expertise or experience any initial trading on financial markets to work successfully as a partner.
  • You do not need any investments to successfully promote your business.
  • Our affiliate program is the solution to any Internet user, regardless of his own website. You can attract customers and partners as by placing banners on websites and blogs, and also adding direct links to other Internet resources. You have a large selection of banners in different sizes to be installed on the partner site.
  • Live monitoring on stage attraction: Our affiliate program allows you to closely monitor visiting the site of referral link / banner partner.
  • Live monitoring attracted clients: Under Trading you can monitor the result of each transaction and the client the appropriate commission accruing automatically at the close of the transaction on your affiliate account.

Our 10-level system will allow you to earn rewards by trading activity and trade your customers and clients to your partners at all levels. Shall be calculated for all trading instruments, the company offers. Partner Level 1, which attracted a client receives from 12 to 60% of the profits earned by the company. Partner Tier 2 receives an amount equal to half the remuneration partner tier 1 partner third level - a sum equal to half the remuneration partner level 2, etc. up to the 10th level.

Removing the amount of remuneration to the affiliate account may already be on the next working day after the billing has.

Partners are entitled to use an affiliate account for trade, concluding with the company RBFXpro Client Agreement.