Client Arie

For each client the RBFXpro allocates a confidential Client Arie which represents the protected personal working space on the company’s website. To use the Client Arie is necessary to register by specifying the required data.

The Client Arie is intended for personal execution of most of the operations related to trading accounts:

  • opening of real trading accounts (in the section "Accounts")
  • viewing the transaction history on all of client’s accounts ("Accounts->Chart of accounts")
  • depositing and withdrawals (in the section "Deposits / Withdrawals")
  • monitoring of open positions and the ability to close positions directly into Personal Office ("Accounts->Chart of accounts")
  • management of trading accounts settings (automatic processing of the leverage & password change requests) ("Accounts->Chart of accounts")
  • changes in the personal and contact information, downloading documents, change the password to Personal Office (in the section "Profile")